You Know about your
Сustomers what even
Google doesn't Know

Meet Eastwind Social Analytics

The advance of Big Data changes the marketing game

Even today, we can bring to you unprecedentedly accurate, up-to-the-minute and personalized marketing!

Open infinite opportunities to analyze subscribers, their behaviors and lifestyles with Social Analytics.

Analyze subscriber interactions

Identify communities based on relations and communications between them

Identify gender and age

and other social and demographic subscriber targets

Create clouds of subscriber interests

based on their phone and internet activity

Use extended subscriber profiles

to form target audiences and predict subscriber behaviors

Our platform is an intuitive and convenient analytic tool

that allows a market analyst to make accurate targeted sampling

Why Social Analytics?
Why Eastwind?

Our target is to incredible ease the task of marketing specialists and analysts

We aim at changing marketing while turning it into the dream marketing, making it as-never-before-precise and effective

Surely we can change your vision of Big Data and practically monetize it, just explaining to you the performance features of Social Analytics.

We collaborate with the telecom operators for 20 years, and aware of all peculiarities of that business and subscriber behavior patterns.

We have accumulated priceless experience and vast knowledge in the area of data collection and analysis.

We have carried out numerous pilot projects with the telecom operators to uncover what methods and analysis algorithms serve better for obtaining the goals.

We are here to answer what the operator needs Big Data for.

How Does it Work?

Billing data on calls/SMS LBS data DPI data Web: sites and search queries

Sampling and micro-segmenting:

Demographics Interests Behaviors Geography       Device     Finance   

Big Data stand for Big Capabilities. How banks can restrain data and make money of them?

You possess unique data on your clients. We have created Social Analytics as the tool for repeatedly increase of data analysis implication with ease.

From now on, any bank marketing specialist is a wizard of analysis capable of extracting the valuable knowledge and turning it into precious insights for creating targeted campaigns with the clients and personal marketing.

Our story began back in 1997, when mobile telecommunications had just emerged in Russia, and the market saw great demand for specialized software. In the years that passed, we have accumulated a wide range of competencies in aggregation various types of data and data manipulation.

As the Big Data handling technologies such as Hadoop came along, our company started a business segment to cater to the task. We learned how to retrieve lots of important and interesting information about mobile operators’ subscribers.

We released a new product, Eastwind Social Analytics, and presented it to operators. Today, we focus on the evolution of our favorite product, its practical applications and monetizing in different areas of market.

Want to see Social Analytics in action?

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